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Cure liver cirrhosis without liver transplant...

Liver Treament
The liver is the largest and vital organ in our body, which is situated in the right upper section of the abdominal cavity, it secretes bile, forms and stores glycogen and plays an important part in the metabolism of proteins and fats. It has several key functions to perform - it helps in filtering and disposing of toxic materials from the blood, feeds your body the energy it needs to function, wards off viruses and infections, produces blood-clotting factors, regulates sex hormones, cholesterol levels and vitamins and minerals supplies in your body.
Liver cirrhosis is a liver disorder, considered to be a serious hepatic disease. In this disease, the size of the liver contracts and it becomes very hard. The liver stops doing its functions like as producing bile, which is transferred to the intestine and helps in the digestion of food. Toxic and waste material from the body are secreated through the liver. The liver also helps to produce proteins that help in the repair of old tissues and building of new tissues. Another function of liver is that it also stores and releases energy that helps the body in performing various functions. It is the only organ in the body that regenerates itself when injured. Any damage in the liver brings with it the problems with all these functions. The continuous damage of liver is the liver cirrhosis problem which affects its structure and functions that lead to hepatic failure and ultimately death.
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